Enjoy ~ Self Esteem affirmations ~ with Eleesha

Enjoy self esteem affirmations and quotes with Inspirational author Eleesha. To receive positive, affirmations and daily affirmations visit her at http://www.eleesha.com for even more.


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4 Responses to “Enjoy ~ Self Esteem affirmations ~ with Eleesha”

  1. mani goel Says:


  2. carbon credits Says:

    This is an awsome video. I think it all starts with self awarness and managing our own self esteem. Thanks a ton eleesha.

  3. affirmations Says:

    Thanks, I appreciate this video.

  4. Eleesha Says:

    Thanks everyone! – So glad you all liked and enjoyed this particular video, I appreciate all your comments and feedback. I have the whole series on Youtube if you missed some of the earlier ones or there are more posted on my website. Only a few more left to go – in this particular series – but I will be creating a new series shortly, for those of you that have enjoyed them.

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