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Self Belief Affirmations ~ A Creator of Your Own Destiny ~ with Eleesha

September 27, 2008

“We are the creators
and makers of our own
destiny.  With this
understanding, create
only that – which you
~by Eleesha,
Author of –
Secrets and Inspirations for Life: Unleash Your Inner Power Today

Self Belief Affirmations ~ A Creator of Your Own Destiny ~ Play Audio Version below:

Can you take one hundred percent responsibility for your life and accept that you are the creator and maker of your own destiny?

I want to inspire you today, to accept personal responsibility for your own life and to realize that it is you, who has the ability to create -all that you want in your life.  But this can only happen when you accept, that you have both the ability and capability – to do so.

To your Inspiration and Success!


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