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Guidance Affirmations ~ Precious Children ~ by Eleesha

November 8, 2008

“As parents, we are the
appointed guardians of
the souls – of all our
children.  Let it be an
honor to guide them,
as you would – yourself.”
~by Eleesha,
Author of –
Secrets and Inspirations for Life: Unleash Your Inner Power Today

Guidance Affirmations ~ Precious Children ~ Play Audio Version below:

Children are so special and I believe that as parents or guardians of children, we are also entrusted with the nurturing of their souls – which are often far more precious than we realize.

Be inspired today, to accept the role that you have to play in their lives and be honored that you were chosen by them. To help guide them, with the same assurance and responsibility, that you would guide – yourself.

To your Inspiration and Success!


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