Powerful Affirmations with Eleesha

Eleesha – The Author of Secrets and Inspirations for Life: Shares her powerful, original, personal, hand written, heartfelt power affirmations with YOU! Get – Free Daily Power Affirmations & Inspiration.


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2 Responses to “Powerful Affirmations with Eleesha”

  1. innerarchitect Says:


    You are a champion of one of the most powerful tools that dismantles doubt within our grasp.

    I represent author Susan Hanshaw and her new book “Inner Architect: How To Build The Life You Were Designed To Live.”

    The following is an article on affirmations:

    Eleesha, would you consider reviewing Susan’s book when it debuts in June? We would love your feedback!

    dean and susan
    http://innerarchitect.com; http://innerarchitect.wordpress.com blog

  2. eleesha Says:

    Dean, thanks for reaching out. I found your web blog very exciting. Susan and yourself are doing a great job for a better world – keep me posted regarding your book review request, it will be a pleasure to help.


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